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Non-profitfoundation dedicated to freedom in Iran launches internationaleffort to track Iranian government assets


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Washington, DC (Jan. 24, 2006) - Today, theFoundation for Democracy in Iran is launching the FDI Appealto identify and freeze Iranian government assets around the world.Learn what you can do to help this effort below.

FDI believes that the ONLY way to seriouslyprevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from pursuing clandestinenuclear research is by hitting the regime and top regime leaders inthe pocket book. By denying the regime access to internationalfinancial markets, the world community can cripple theregime’s ability to sell oil, buy weapons, andfinance its terrorist networks around the world.

This is the single most effective sanction thatcould be imposed on the Islamic Republic.

FDI believes that tough measures designed theisolate the Tehran regime will encourage the Iranian people in theirquest for freedom against the tyranny of a clerical elite and theirRevolutionary Guards enforcers, as personified by the currentpresident, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The problem with today’s Iran isnot nuclear weapons, but nuclear weapons in the hands of a terroristregime. If the problem were the weapons alone, we should all beworried about Great Britain, which became a declared nuclear weaponspower more than five decades ago.

What you can do

On Friday, Jan. 20, 2006, the Islamic Republicbegan shifting an estimated $30 billion to $50 billion in foreignreserves in Europe to financial safe havens around the world. Thisextraordinary effort mirrors regime efforts in 1979 to shelterIran’s overseas assets before sanctions could kickin.

This time, however, the international communityhad no ready plan to freeze Iranian government assets. So far, theregime has been able to shelter billions of dollars of cash it canuse to pursue nuclear weapons programs and finance terrorism. But byacting quickly, the international community can freeze billionsmore.

Who can doubt that the threat from the IslamicRepublic of Iran is infinitely greater today than it was in 1979,when terrorists in Tehran seized 52 U.S. diplomats hostage? WithShahab-3 missiles aimed at Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and others, aterrorist regime in Iran is trying to hold the whole world hostage,in a deadly game of nuclear blackmail.

The Foundation for Democracy in Iran today islaunching an appeal to individuals and government experts around theworld, to help identify and freeze Iranian government assetsworldwide.

Lovers of a free Iran! If you believe you haveinformation that could help to identify foreign bank accounts,corporations, real estate and other material assets controlled by theTehran regime or top regime officials overseas, join theFDI Appeal by contacting us at the following email: replies will be kept confidential.

Many of these assets are held through frontcompanies, cut-outs, and bearer-share corporations. We call on yourassistance in helping to identify and document these entities.

We need your help to identify the safehavens‚ where Iran has transferred its foreign exchangereserves. If you have knowledge of the latest Iranian governmentcurrency transfers, please contact us at the following Safe havens will nolonger be safe once their identity is known.

Similarly, if you have information orcontacts or can yourself help in the effort to convince worldleaders, parliaments, and opinion-makers to join us in tracking theTehran regime's foreign terror and weapons stash, please contact us.All replies will be kept confidential.

Stop Iran's Nuclear Blackmail Now!


Kenneth R. Timmerman is Executive Director of the Foundation forDemocracy in Iran.

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