Iranian Human Rights activist slams ChristianeAmanpour

Oct. 28, 2001

DATE: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 19:44:03

From: Parvin Darabi<>

To: Iranians <>


Dear friends,

Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran now has a laud and ignorantdefender

the infamous CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour. This woman lives inLondon,

is allowed to travel to all types of places, does not wear eitherthe

chador, burqa, or the neghab the Saudi women are wearing. Shedrives a car,

has a successful profession and against the laws of Islam finallygot

married at forty instead of nine, to a younger man. At least thispart of

her life agrees with what Khadijeh did in the 7th century. Now shetalks

about the greatness of Islam. By the way I wonder if James Rubinbecame a

Muslim before they got married or she married a non-Muslim againstthe

Islamic laws.


She explained over the television how she feels when she bowstoward Mecca

and talks to her god in Arabic a language I doubt she understands.What a

relaxation she receives during her prayer sessions. What a biglie. For a

reporter in the front lines is she telling the U.S. to stop thebombing five

times a day till she finishes her prayer session?


Does she agree that if something happened to her, like if some onekilled

her, that her husband and her child should receive a price equalto the

price of 50 camels or 100 cows as her blood money?


She cannot even testify in an Islamic court and she is testifyingto the

goodness and beauty of Islam! How much money is she getting fromthe

terrorist government of Iran? These bustards are killing theIranian people,

destroying their property and placing them in jail. Was herfather's

property that valuable that she is selling the Iranian people.Shame on you

Christiane. Shame


Parvin Darabi



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