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 June 13, 2013


Iranians chant anti-regime slogans at football match

A brief video has surfaced of football (soccer) fans chanting anti-regime slogans at Tuesday night's Iran-Lebanon World Cup qualifiying match at Azadi stadium in Tehran. (Iran beat Lebanon 4-1). "Nah Ghazzeh, Nah Loobnan, Janam Fedaayeh Iran" - literally, No Gaza, No Lebanon, My life is dedicated to Iran - was first chanted during the 2009 post-election uprising and shocked the regime more than outright calls for the death of the Supreme Leader.

Why? Because this regime spends so much time and money to support Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, than it does to provide clean water to the residents of south Tehran. The slogan is a direct repudiation of that policy.

Sources tell FDI that large crowds chanted anti-regime slogans inside the stadium itself during the June 11 match as well. We will post more video as it becomes available.

NEW videos:

Additional videos from Tuesday night's football match are coming on line from sources inside Iran. One shows crowds chanting the same slogans after dark outside the stadium.

Even more impressive is the video below, where masses of spectators INSIDE the stadium are chanting the same slogan...

Kenneth R. Timmerman is President and CEO of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran.