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> Senator Biden Attended Pro-Iran Fundraiser Two Weeks After

> White House Blasted Iran for Aiding Al-Qaeda Terrorists

> Biden Raised An Estimated $24,000 In Campaign Funds from TopIranian

> Lobbyist


> WILMINGTON-Delaware Republican Chairman Everett Moore todaycriticized

> Senator Biden for holding a February 19th campaign fundraiserat the

> California home of Dr. Sadegh Namazi-khah, a strong supporterof the

> Tehran regime and leading Pro-Iran lobbyist. Moore called onBiden to

> return the estimated $24,000 raised for the senator'scampaign coffers.


> "I can't believe that Senator Biden would have a fundraiserat the home of

> a Pro-Tehran lobbyist two weeks after the White House made itabundantly

> clear that Iran was aiding the Al-Qaeda forces inAfghanistan." stated

> Delaware GOP Chairman Everett Moore. "Frankly, I am appalledthat Senator

> Biden would have the audacity as the Senate Foreign RelationsChairman to

> take money from a lobbyist supporting a country thatbrutalizes women,

> ignores human rights, and endorses terrorism."


> Moore went on to state that he was both disappointed andoutraged by the

> whole situation.


> "Senator Biden should return the campaign money and apologizeto the

> American people for taking it in the first place, especiallyapologize to

> the many Iranian Americans living in this country who rejectthe Tehran

> regime."


> Two weeks before the Biden fundraiser, Bush officials accusedIran of

> supplying arms, money and training to an Afghan militiacommander in

> western Afghanistan in order to fuel opposition to theU.S.-supported

> interim government in Kabul led by Hamid Karzai.


> On February 3rd, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld accusedIran of

> helping Taliban and al Qaeda fighters flee a U.S. militaryassault on

> Afghanistan. "We have any number of reports that Iran hasbeen permissive

> and allowed transit through their country of al Qaeda," hesaid on ABC's

> "This Week."


> On February 1st, national security adviser Condoleezza Ricecondemned Iran

> for their support of global terrorism and determination ofobtaining

> weapons of mass destruction. "Iran's direct support ofregional and global

> terrorism, and its aggressive efforts to acquire weapons ofmass

> destruction, belie any good intentions it displayed in thedays after the

> world's worst terrorist attacks in history," nationalsecurity adviser

> Condoleezza Rice said.

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> Page 2 Senator Biden Held Pro-Iran Fundraiser Two Weeks AfterWhite House

> Blasted Iran for Aiding Al-Qaeda Terrorists


> "Before Senator Biden goes endorsing the Iran government andtaking money

> from their supporters here, he should tell them to hand overthe

> terrorists who have killed countless Americans and stopaiding al Qaeda

> forces." said Moore.


> According to Insight magazine, several participants who paidto attend the

> event stated that Biden arrived at 8 p.m., stayed until11p.m. and

> delivered a sweeping condemnation of President George W.Bush's "Axis of

> Evil" formula.


> "No wonder Senator Biden strongly opposed the President'sremark that Iran

> was part of the 'Axis of Evil'," stated Chairman Moore."Clearly, the

> pro-Iran lobbyist was attempting to buy Senator Biden'sinfluence as

> chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee by contributingto his

> re-election campaign. With Biden's relentless support ofIran, it can be

> viewed as money well spent through the eyes of the Pro-Iranlobbyist."


> Last week Biden invited members of the Iranian parliament,which is

> dominated by Tehran supporters, for "a historic meeting" inWashington or

> anywhere else to discuss outstanding issues hamperingU.S.-Iranian

> relations.


> According to Insight Magazine, Biden knew in advance aboutDr. Namazi-khah

> and his Pro-Tehran background. On the eve of thefund-raiser, a Biden

> staffer told a prominent Iranian-American activist that thesenator's

> staff "had all the facts necessary to make a decision," andhe was

> planning to attend the fund-raiser despite the protests.


> "When we learned that Sen. Biden was planning to hold afund-raiser at the

> California home of Dr. Sadegh Namazi-khah, we immediatelycontacted his

> office to express our dismay," a prominent Iranian-Americanactivist tells

> Insight. Why dismay? "Dr. Namazi-khah is well-known in theLos Angeles

> area for his support of the ruling clerical regime in Tehranand is one of

> the regime's leading unofficial lobbyists in America. Wethought that Sen.

> Biden might not know his background.


> Just last Wednesday, Dr. Zalmay Khaliazad, a top Bush foreignpolicy

> advisor and the President's Special Envoy to Afghanistan,told the same

> pro-Tehran lobbying group that the Iranian government issheltering Al

> Qaeda terrorists and continues to support other internationalterrorist

> groups, despite explicit U.S. requests to stop.


> "The policies of the current regime both at home andabroad are

> responsible for the poor state of the country's economy andthe hostile

> relations with the United States," Mr. Khalilzad said


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> Supporting Document:

> Biden Buddies Up to Pro-Iran Lobbyist