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Bringing the flavor of Iran and the words of Iranianofficials, in their own words

A weekly update of news from Iranian sources, financed in partwith a grant from the National Endowment for Democracy. FDI's networkof professional journalists and staff sift through hard-to-accesssources including the Farsi-language press, Radio Tehran, and radiostations broadcasting into Iran in Farsi (BBC, VOA, Kol Israel).Other unusual sources include Radio Sedaye Iran (24 hour radio in LosAngeles), The Iran Brief, a monthly investigative newsletterby one of America's premier Middle East specialists, as well asofficial publications and news releases.

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Last Issue:
Issue50 - June 30, 1997

Back Issues.Check this page frequently, since we are re-formatting backissues that were lost by our previous web host.

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