Astatement by Hassan Daioleslam

July25, 2007


Afterthe publication of my report on NIAC, Mr. Trita Parsi and NIAC have reactedhysterically. NIAC’s allegations havesuggested that I am a member of MEK. As a proof of their allegation, theyargued that one of my Persian articles appeared on the MEK's website. Note thatmy numerous articles on the Iranian lobby including NIAC have beenpublished by major Farsi websites with a broad spectrum of politicalbeliefs. This by no means suggests I am affiliated to any ofthem.   

The nature of my political activities and believes areindependent of a well-documented report that stands on its own merit. However,as NIAC is starting such disinformation campaign to create a smoke screenhiding its disguised relations with mullahs, I wish to share with thereaders of my articles, a short history of my political and biographical past.I have never been in MEK or worked with MEK. I have family members withvarious political affiliations, some of them I have not seen for decades. It isridiculous to draw conclusions based on such family connections.

Needless to say that I will not take NIAC's intimidationand disinformation campaign lightly and I will proceed with appropriate legalmeasures.


ShortBiography of Hassan Daioleslam

I was born in 1957 inTehran, Iran to a middle class family. I finished my primary and high schooleducation in Tehran and entered Tehran Polytechnic University in 1974 tostudy Civil Engineering. As a student I was a political activist before andafter the 1979 revolution. 

At the dawn of Khomeini's totalrepression and mass arrests and executions in 1981, I left the country andsettled in France. In the 1980s and early 1990s, I was politicallyactive in the liberal movements. While not a member, I worked with the"Freedom Movement of Iran" (Nehzat-e- Azadi-e- Iran). During the1990's my activities in Europe were focused on the Human Rights and advocatingthe political prisoners in Iran.  In 2001, I moved to the United Statesand focused on Iran's political analysis and research.

In the past two years, Ihave been collaborating with two independent Iranian journalists inside thecountry focusing on the Iranian Regime's lobby in US. The outcome of this workhas been largely published by major Farsi websites. I have recentlystarted to release them in English as well.